A little about me

I'm a soul searcher who is a seeker, an acquisitive entrepreneur and an inquisitive spiritualist, in an altruist hippy, a gypsy taking leaps as an explorer, and a traveler, all in an Eccedentesiast.

Entreprenuer : By and Large

Founder and managing Director of By and Large:: B.A.L CORPORATE SERVICES PVT LTD. Establised for over 4 years ,we have provided promotional gifts and corporate gifts to over (200+)corporate companies . We are a team of passionate gifters , writers and designers offering personalised quality gifts from our considerable collection of 5000+ products . Budget friendly yet valuable gifts. we offer customised branding .


legal advisor in cyber law and forensic

I am a legal advisor in cyber law and forensics. I have experience in the area of security breaches of private data of individuals /organisations and have helped my clients seek injunction against the parties responsible for the breach. I help my clients by imparting knowledge and doing a concrete analysis of the issue. I have obtained my PGD in cyber forensics from National Law School, Bangalore.


As a counsellor I derive great satisfaction providing support and insights to people with the challenges they face. I have experience of counselling individuals going through various issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief, loss and a variety of other life transitions. I have obtained a diploma in counselling psychology and have obtained advanced level psychology certificates.

Other things I keep working on

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    short film production

    Like many other people I have been influenced by brilliant movie making. It is a profound art. I have a fascination for short films and crave to create not just a movie, but an experience that triggers a person’s thoughts and emotions. I wish to work with a lot of talented people and make more out of this profound art of human connection through visual and audio module.

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    Stock Market

    I am passionate about the world of business and entrepreneurship. Stock market has held my interest since the first time I came across it. It has helped me understand business management, economics, finance, accounting, law and even philosophy and the sciences. I love to project the trajectory of companies and strategically invest and grow.

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    Spiritualist Philosopher

    I often ponder about the bigger questions in life. The meaning behind the scriptures of Bhagavad Gita and teachings of Buddha inspire in me to understand the world deeply and has been a guidance through life. I often enjoy sharing stories and snippets of the same with people around me; and find it to be a very beneficial tool in counselling. It also helps me in forging a bond with my employees.

Interests and Passions

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